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About Us

Our mission at Cashell Consulting Group is to build legacies for our partners through strategic real estate development and investment projects. We are committed to identifying opportunities for development that will deliver exceptional returns to our partners. We strive to do this while fostering economic growth and enhancing the Northern Nevada area.

Cashell Consulting Group specializes in raising capital and consulting services for real estate development and investment along with navigating the political markets for business ventures. Pat Cashell has a vast network of connections in Northern Nevada and a lifetime of experience in the public eye through his father, former Reno Mayor, Bob Cashell. That along with an unwavering dedication to integrity and results makes Cashell Consulting Group a trusted advisor to help our partners build their legacies.

When not in the office or looking at prospective projects, Pat and his team love spending time in the great outdoors. They can usually be found conquering rugged mountain peaks and traversing various forests while hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing or some other crazy activity.

Many people believe business is done on the golf course, at Cashell Consulting Group we do deals on mountain tops.

Pat Cashell : Founder and CEO of Cashell Consulting Group / The Master of Meetings
Pat served as regional director for Volunteers of America Northern Nevada for 10 years overseeing the homeless programs. He also worked with MJD Capital Partners doing property acquisition and raising capital for projects.

Pat is a trusted partner in the Northern Nevada community and knows the ins and outs of the area like no one else. Pat oversees every project at Cashell Consulting Group from start to finish, making sure every step is done correctly. He has a degree in hospitality from UNLV but we don’t hold that against him. He loves protein pancakes and long hikes on mountains that never end.

Jessica Torres : Manager and Marketing / The Handler
Since moving to Reno in 2006, Jessica has started four small businesses in the area, three of which are still in operations today. She transitioned to real estate after buying her first investment property in 2019.

Jessica creates the to-do lists for the company, handles the residential real estate division and runs the social media. She has a degree in business management with a minor in accounting from UNR. She loves tacos and exploring warm beaches.

Batuhan Zadeh : Partner / The Numbers Guy
Batuhan Zadeh is the broker/owner of Marmot Properties and CEO of Zadeh Construction Group. As a partner with the Cashell Consulting Group, Batuhan researches potential projects and does the calculations to ensure they pencil out for our budgets and investors. He can create a spreadsheet faster and better than 96.3% of the population. He also oversees the remodeling of our projects through his construction company.

Batuhan has a degree in business management from Suffolk University. He’s always too busy on the computer to eat or get outdoors.