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Building Your Legacy While Improving the Community

Cashell Consulting Group

What will your legacy be when you’re done? It’s a question we ask our clients at the start

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Provide Solutions for Reliable Growth

If there are family names synonymous with northern Nevada, Cashell is one of them. Patrick Cashell has called the Silver State home for the past 54 years.

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About Us

A lobbying firm dedicated to community improvement and a higher quality of life, Cashell Consulting Group empowers clients to complete their projects by leveraging our established community relationships and extensive professional network.

We help our clients forge strong connections with other northern Nevada residents, navigate the political red tape, and build their legacy.


Why Choose Us

Par Tolles

CEO of Tolles Development Company

"Pat has a truly authentic way of communicating with people. His ability to relate to multiple personality types and to provide connection with them makes him a unique sherpa of business interest. He shows conviction in all topics he engages in and has a “find a way to win” strategy, as he typically will put the good of the client or the mission ahead of his own interest.”

Rick Reviglio

Co-Owner, President, GM, Western Nevada Supply

"There are few families that have had the same sort of impact on northern Nevada as the Cashell family. Pat is the very spirit of a Cashell; living and breathing northern Nevada. I have known Pat his entire life and watched first hand his tenacious spirit and how he has embraced his desire to make the community better, make people’s lives better. When you have someone who cares deeply like Pat, you know they’re going to give you everything they say they’re going to give you. Those characteristics translates to anything he will do in life.